The Tri-City Youth Basketball Association continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. The following FAQ’s have been developed in response to questions forwarded by registrant’s families. Please note the answers can change, depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Will there be a basketball season?

We are in ongoing consultation with our program partners, school districts, recreation departments and cities, to ensure we have a season. That season may look different than in the past because we may only be permitted to do physically distanced practices, which would mean no scrimmaging or games are allowed.

What is TCYBAs Return to Sport Plan?

TCYBA has created a Return to Sport (RTS) organizational plan, which transitions between multiple phases, allowing for different levels of modified training at each phase. 

Tri-City Youth Basketball Summer programming and camps have now transitioned to B.C. Stage 3 approved Return to Sport Protocols. These programs and camps require each player to bring their own basketball and water bottles due to Covid-19 protocols. All players will have a designated drop off and pick up area before entering the gym and upon leaving the gym. Upon arrival each participant will provide a Covid-19 screening. Players will have sanitizer available before, during, and after camp.

Read more about the TCYBA Return to Sport Plan.

When will we be allowed to play games? What do 'Return to Sport phases' mean? And what is allowed in the different phases.

What will be allowed and when, is completely dependent on what happens with the number of COVID-19 cases and what the health authorities allow. Basketball BC, in conjunction with viaSport and the Provincial Health Branch, has established a Return to Sport Plan (RTS) and the TCYBA, following those guidelines and its mandate, has developed an association-based Return to Play organizational plan. Read more about the TCYBA Return to Sport Plan.

These are four Return to Sport phases:

Phase 1: Individual training only, no sharing of equipment, no contact activities, no competition, facilities closed

Phase 2: Whole team split training sessions begin, shared equipment between limited players, internal 3x3 team competition permitted for certain sports

Phase 3: Whole team training sessions, internal team 5x5 competition permitted

Phase 4: Whole team training session and local competition resumes (Please note that facility providers, school districts and recreational departments have the right to implement their own more conservative guideline phases should they determine it appropriate)

How do we know what is allowable during participation?

The phase we are in dictates what is allowed. We are currently in Phase 2 (see above). The entire return to sport phase fluctuates and is determined by the Provincial Health Officer and viaSPORT, relative to changing health conditions in the Province.

What does a 'Physically Distanced' practice mean?

Players must maintain a minimum of 2 meters between them during practices. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, including organizing practice areas, restricting the number of players at each basket, using cones to designate areas and even organizing small practice cohorts.

What happens when we cancel participation in a current program and register later - can my child still play?

If parents decide to register a player later, we will try to find a team for them. If teams are full, they will have to remain on the waitlist until a spot becomes available. Please note, by cancelling your participation your non-refundable deposit will not be applied to a new registration at a later time.

I’m interested in coaching, but I don’t know how restrictions will impact my ability to coach and will there be extra responsibilities required from me as a coach?

Re: How do I organize my practice under RTS restrictions: TCYBA will provide coaches with a list of activities/drills recommended during various COVID phases. In addition, the Tri-City Youth Basketball Association has been working diligently over the summer to develop training plans and will be supporting coaches with development materials through its Coaches Classroom platform. 

Re: Equipment: Each player will be responsible to bring their own equipment to each practice. Basketballs will only be shared where RTS stages allow. Coaches will be responsible to clean shared balls and instruct players to sanitize their hands at various times throughout practices and games.

Re: Additional Supervision Protocols: Coaches and team managers (team officials) are always responsible for the safety and well-being of their players. Parents are responsible for ensuring their child’s ability to participate is within the guidelines of TCYBA’s Return to Sport Plan.

Coaches, managers, officials and staff would be expected to remind children to cough into their elbow, wash/sanitize their hands on an ongoing basis, keep appropriate social distancing and to refrain from touching their face. Coaches will also confirm all participants have completed the pre participation checklist and are cleared to take part. In an instance where a child is sick or shows symptoms of illness, they may not attend a practice or game and must remain at home and isolate.

What happens regarding refunds if the season is cancelled, partly cancelled, or if we decide we don’t want to play any longer?

If the season is drastically changed or must be partially cancelled after registration has taken place, adjustments will be made. It is impossible to say what impact COVID-19 or adjustments to RTS phases might have on the season and as such what a price adjustment, refund or cancellation might be. Refunds would be dependent on what actually occurs i.e. partial or full season cancellation, game limitations, practice limitations, whether the season dates can be adjusted, etc. As is the case with every sport, hard financial commitments must be covered in order for the association to be operational, therefore no refund will be issued if a player simply decides to withdraw because they no longer wish to play.

Are we going to be receiving uniforms and will we need to pay for them if there are no games?

The cost for uniforms for players is generally included in the registration fees. If, however, it is determined uniforms are not required for a program, then that portion of the registration fee will be adjusted.

What measures is the TCYBA taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when we return to play?

Tri-City Youth Basketball Association is being fully compliant with the requirements set by the Provincial Health Officer, viaSport and Basketball BC:

  • All shared equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before and after use.
  • Players will need to sanitize their hands before/after basketball activities.
  • Phased entry access and exiting protocols will be followed at every facility used for training or competition.
  • Families will have to ensure they are symptom free and not participate if they have been outside Canada within 2 weeks.
  • Players are to sign a Tri-City Youth Basketball Association COVID-19 waiver and be compliant with the TCYBA Participation Guidelines
  • Basketball activities will follow physical distancing and safety protocols relative to the RTS phase currently in place at that time.

Tri-City Youth Basketball Association personnel will wear masks/gloves as required if they need to deal with a situation and are not able to physically distance

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