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Updated: Sep 10, 2023

TCYBA is pleased to announce registration for our Fall / Winter 2023-24 season is now open!

Fall/Winter Start Date

Our Fall / Winter 2023-24 season is scheduled to begin the week of September 25.

Fall/Winter Registration & Fees

Registration will happen in 3 phases (see below), starting with Phase 1 for returning players from Fall / Winter 2022-23 on Monday, May 29. Read more about our registration phases and fees.

Registration Dates & Phases

Information regarding the 3 registration phases TCYBA offers are outlined below. All registration phases will open at 6am.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attempt to register your child during a registration phase you are ineligible for, your registration will be rejected, and you will need to re-register during the appropriate phase. All registrations are reviewed by the League Registrar to ensure eligibility requirements are met.

PHASE 1: May 29 to June 4

Returning Players registering to the same team they were registered on during the Fall / Winter 2022-23 Season.

You can find the details for the team you were registered on by logging into your Team SNAP account.

Players wishing to change teams, whose team is not returning for the Fall / Winter season or who were registered for Spring 2023 only, will be required to register during Phase 2.

PHASE 2: June 6 to June 11

Players who were registered to a team in Fall / Winter 2022-23 and Spring 2023 may register to any team with available space.

If your child is new to TCYBA or was not registered to play in the Fall / Winter 2022-23 or Spring 2023 season, please do not register during this phase of registration. You can register beginning June 13.

PHASE 3: June 13 - Ongoing to the start of season

Phase 3 is available for New Players and returning players who did not register during phase 1 or 2.

New players to TCYBA must register in the division where the grade they are entering in September is the higher grade listed in the team description – for example a new Grade 5 player to TCYBA must register at the Grade 4/5 level. Grade 4’s registering at the Grade 4/5 level must already have played at least one season in TCYBA and be physically ready to play with others that are their age and older.

The same eligibility process applies to all age groups.

For all phases of registration, your receipt for registration, generated by our registration site (Team SNAP) is not a confirmation of placement on a team. It is strictly to let you know we have received your request. It will detail the team information you have selected. No registration is confirmed until you receive a second e-mail from Team SNAP confirming your registration.

Refund Policy

Read more about the TCYBA Refund Policy for the Fall / Winter 2023-24 Season.

Programming Changes for Fall

TCYBA has made enhancements to the Fall programming for our Jr NBA Rookie Division, Kindergarten to Grade 3.

For Kindergarten to Grade 1: This program will be split into 3 sessions: Fall (approximately September to December), Winter (approximately January to March) and Spring (approximately April to June).

For Gr 2/3: This program will be split into 3 sessions: Fall (approximately September to December), Winter (approximately January to March) and Spring (approximately April to June).

The Jr NBA Rookie Division program provides each player with a chance to take part in a physical literacy-based program that is different from the traditional basketball programs you generally experience.

Players are provided a basketball top with an NBA logo, lightweight Rookie Gear basketball and the use of lower basketball hoops that adjust to a height appropriate to the players' ages. The program offers the introduction of foundational athletic principles and basic basketball fundamentals in a fun filled format using a games approach to teaching. The per player cost for this program varies based on duration and enrollment is limited to 20 spots per team.

Program location and registration fee information is available on the TCYBA registration page.

Facebook & Instagram

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