League Structure

TCYBA League Structure

Fall / Winter League runs late September to February / March with a break in December.

Spring League runs early April to early June.


Development (Jr NBA) High School Recreational 
Elite Teams
Kindergarten-Grade 2 Rookie Division
Grade 2/3
Grade 3/4
Grade 4/5
Grade 5/6
Grade 6/7
Grade 7/8 *Prep Division*

Grade 9-12 (Girls only)

Grade 9/10 (Boys only)

Grade 11/12 (Boys only)

  • Rookie Division - Kindergarten to Grade 2


    The JR NBA Rookie Division is an exciting program that has been part of Tri-City Youth Basketball Association programming since its inception. The program is for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Grade 2.

    The JR NBA Rookie Division program provides each player with a chance to take part in a physical literacy-based program that is different from the traditional basketball programs you generally experience.

    Players are provided a basketball top with an NBA logo, lightweight multi-colored Spalding Rookie Gear basketball and the use of lower basketball hoops that adjust to a height  appropriate to the player's ages. The program offers the introduction of foundational athletic principles and basic basketball fundamentals in a fun filled format that uses a games approach to teaching. The per player cost for this program varies based on duration and enrollment is limited to only 20 spots per team.

    This program will be split into 3 seasons: 8 practices during the Fall season, 8 practices in the Winter season and 8 practices in the Spring season.

    Program location and registration fee information is available on the TCYBA registration page.

    The Jr NBA Rookie Division curriculum is Canadian Sport For Life Compliant and was developed through a partnership between the NBA and Sport Canada. Its focus includes the introduction of basic movement skills and the introduction of fundamental athletic skills, including:

    • Throwing (Shoot / Pass / Ball Leaves Hands)
    • Catching
    • Basic Basketball Skills
    • Basketball Geography (locations on the floor and what they mean).

    Practices consist of:

    • Intro / Goals
    • Warm-up
    • Basketball specific activities
    • Cool down and closing

    The program also focuses on maximizing basketball touches by having a ball for each participant to ensure every player gets a chance to handle the ball through the introduction of exciting game based drills that will provide players with the most enjoyable experience possible.

    If you have any questions please contact the TCYBA Registrar at registrar@tcyba.org

  • Development - Grades 2 - 8 and High School Recreational


    Our Jr NBA Development program is for Grades 2-8. Our High School Recreational program is for Grades 9-12.

    • Teams are set at 12 players
    • Players may pick their practice time, day, location and coaches per league policies
    • New players must play at their Grade / Age level
      •  i.e. new grade 6 player may only play in Grade 5/6. Playing in Grade 6/7 is considered playing up.
    • Players may not play above their Grade / Age level
      • i.e. Grade 6 player may play in Grade 5/6 or in Grade 6/7 based on personal preference and ability
    • Equal playing time for all players
    • Grade 3/4 is the first level of game competition in the TCYBA and the competition model used is 3 X 3
    • Score will be kept at Grade 7/8 to Grade 12
    • FIBA modified rules will apply with man to man only
    • Will have one practice (1 hour) and one game per week as practical
    • Grade 2–7 will participate in the Alicia Lahm Jamboree at the end of the season
    • Grade 3-8 will have games to be played on Friday nights
    • Grade 7/8 is run as a secondary school preparatory league with standings being kept and additional academy training sessions being provided to participants. Read more about our Prep Division Academy Sessions.
    • Grade 9 – 12 will have games to be played on Fridays or Saturdays, dependent on gender
    • Participation in non-TCYBA tournaments or exhibition games are possible for older development aged teams but are coordinated and organized through the TCYBA Executive Director and approved by the TCYBA Board. Possible participation is based on coach and player availability and participation cannot be mandatory for players


    • All coaches must mail a current, valid CRC to TCYBA by beginning of season
    • Must attend seasonal coaches meeting and 1 TCYBA clinic per season
    • Teams must have coach and assistant coach at all levels
    • Coaches are encouraged to have NCCP Community Sport Coaching Certification (or old Level 1) or ongoing coaching development opportunities approved by TCYBA
  • Elite - U12 to U14

    ELITE - U12 to U14

    A competitive TCYBA group that is development based and performance centered.

    • No limit on number of teams at each level
    • Number of teams solely based on number of players showing ability or potential to play at level each year
    • Players are not grandfathered and must tryout each year for this division
    • As players must be evaluated in the season preceding registration
    • If possible a Fall evaluation could be considered, but not required, for players who register late or feel they have improved considerably. Conditions and prerequisites may be required such as proof of attending clinics or camps and a coach’s recommendation.
    • Player commitment is for full year with commensurate fees
    • Teams are a maximum of 12 players
    • Grade 6 & 7 players may only play on U13 Elite Teams
    • Grade 8 players may only play on U14 Elite Teams
    • Two team practices per week each 1.5 hours on weeknight to balance with weekend Metro League games
    • Teams will have 1 game per week as available or will participate in outside leagues, exhibition games, and tournaments as available
    • Players will be assigned to teams through evaluation and selection by a selection committee. Minimal consideration will be given to player / parent requests.
    • All fees are non refundable and payable in advance or as scheduled
    • All TCYBA play is consistent with fair play rules
    • All outside playing time is at coaches discretion or applicable game rules
    • Will be participating extensively in non TCYBA games and tournaments


    • Must have CRC completed as part of application for position
    • Must attend seasonal coaches meeting and 1 TCYBA clinic per year
    • Coaches/Assistants must have NCCP Community Sport Coaching Certification (or old Level 1) or ongoing coaching development opportunities approved by TCYBA
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