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Optimizing your Recovery Routine

Posted on: November 03, 2014

Fluids, Carbs, and Protein: The Post-Workout Dream Team

Recovery is an essential part of any performance-focused fitness routine – so important that many athletes treat it as part of the workout itself. Your goal during recovery is to help your body heal and regroup. It’s not the workout alone, but the body’s adaptive response to it, that increases endurance, strength, and builds muscle.

A growing body of research in the area of athletic recovery and nutrition reinforces the effectiveness of a combination of carbohydrates and protein in post-workout nutrition, whether it is the snack you have right away or the meal following the workout. Chocolate milk is an example of an ideal recovery food as it contains a good balance between carbohydrates and protein. In fact, specific studies have linked chocolate milk to three main benefits related to exercise recovery and enhanced performance.

Fluids to rehydrate

Being well-hydrated is not only important for overall health, it can actually improve performance as well. During exercise, your body loses fluids and electrolytes mainly from sweat loss. The longer and more intense your workout, the more you need to replenish fluids. Keep sipping fluids after training until your urine is the colour of pale lemon juice; a variety of fluids can do the trick - like chocolate milk.

Carbohydrates to refuel

Refueling with carbohydrates has long been known to restore muscle glycogen, the energy burned during physical activity. Quick absorbing, liquid forms of carbohydrate, such as chocolate milk, may restore glycogen faster than solid foods. The evidence continues to show that consuming carbohydrates within 30 minutes of intense exercise helps to increase endurance capacity and performance, especially when workouts are scheduled daily.

Protein to recharge

Hard-working muscles need protein to grow and repair after training. Because a 250 mL glass of chocolate milk naturally contains as much protein as a large egg, it’s a good choice for post-workout recovery. There has been a great deal of research into this area of performance nutrition, and studies confirm that drinking chocolate milk after resistance exercise promotes muscle gain and increases lean body mass.

A wholesome choice

Chocolate milk is a delicious source of calcium, vitamin D, and a wealth of other healthful nutrients as well. Ordinary sports drinks can’t compete with the wholesome nourishment that’s naturally found in milk. Making chocolate milk a part of your regular post-workout routine will help you recover faster and boost the effects of your training, especially if you are training again tomorrow.

Post workout recovery snack ideas:

  • Chocolate milk and fruit;
  • Granola bar, cheese string, and juice
  • Banana and nut and seed bar
  • Smoothie: yogurt, frozen berries, milk or juice
  • Greek yogurt, strawberries, and granola
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