Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record Checks

TCYBA requires ALL head coaches and assistant coaches who have graduated high school to have a valid and current criminal record check (CRC) on file. Assistant coaches who have not yet graduated high school and team managers do not need to provide a CRC. 

Your CRC will be valid for five (5) years.

TCYBA is enrolled and registered with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP), allowing you to obtain your CRC electronically (eCRC). Most individuals will be able to use the eCRC system but there are circumstances when an individual cannot use the online method and will then be required to complete the request in person at or online with their Local Community Police Detachment (see below).

In August 2021, the CRRP implemented a new eCRC system utilizing the BC Services Card as Electronic Identity Verification (EIV). This digital transformation will provide a more streamlined, secure and accessible service for applicants. The eCRC system using Equifax has been phased out.

New eCRC Service

Identity Verification

In the new eCRC system, an applicant’s identity is verified using their BC Services Card. If the applicant is using the BC Services Card to access the online service for the first time, they will be directed to activate their card by video or in person through Service BC.  


There is no charge associated with activating a BC Services Card or to use the eCRC system. 

The BC Services Card

The BC Services Card replaced the CareCard and provides access to health care services and other government services conveniently and securely under one card. The BC Services Card was designed to ensure personal information is kept secure using modern card technology with advanced security features. Before logging into the new eCRC system, applicants must ensure their BC Services Card is activated by having their identity verified. 

Read more to activate your BC Services Card and verify your identity. 

How to Obtain an Online Criminal Record Check (eCRC)

Step 1

After activating your BC Services Card and verifying your identity, access the eCRC system

Step 2

Enter the unique Access Code provided to you

Step 3

Read and accept the terms of use

Step 4

Apply for your CRC by logging in with your BC Services Card. You will be directed to the BC Services Card website to use your card to log into the eCRC system. 

If you don’t have a BC Services Card, please select the link and follow the instructions on how to obtain one or use the manual process in person at or online with your Local Community Police Detachment (see below).

Once you have logged in successfully with your BC Services Card, you will be redirected back to the eCRC system to fill out the Criminal Record Check – Application form. 

You must fill out the form accurately and truthfully. Greyed out fields are pulled directly from BC Services Card and cannot be edited. If changes are required to these fields, you will need to update your personal information using the links provided.

Step 5

Review and confirm that the information entered on the application form is correct. If any errors are noticed, there is an option to edit the application. If the information is accurate, check the declaration checkbox and select the Submit button to proceed.

Sharing an Existing Criminal Record Check

TCYBA does not accept sharing results. If you are presented with this option, and to avoid delays in completing this coaching requirement, please select ‘Submit new CRC’. If we receive a shared result, you will be asked to resubmit a new CRC request to us.

What if My eCRC Request is Rejected?

For a variety of reasons, some individuals will not be able to use the eCRC system. If your eCRC request is rejected by the CRRP, you will receive an error message right away, such as ‘your request cannot be completed’. Follow the instructions on our website below for the Local Community Police Detachment in your area to determine if you need to request your CRC in person or online through their website.

These requests, whether in-person or online, can sometimes take weeks or months to complete. Please complete this step as soon as possible to begin the process.

Step 1

If you need to attend the Police Detachment in person, download and print a copy of our TCYBA permission letter and take it with you to your local police detachment. There should be no charge for the CRC with the permission letter. 

Step 2

Once you receive your CRC, TCYBA requires the original. Please mail it to us as quickly as possible to:

RPO Como Lake
P.O. Box 64569
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 7V7

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a CRC I obtained for another organization?

No. TCYBA requires a new CRC. Sharing results are not accepted.

What happens if I am charged for my CRC?

Sometimes a detachment will charge for this service. Ask if the fee can be waived as you are a volunteer and state you have a permission letter from TCYBA. If the fee still needs to be paid, please do so and ask for a receipt. Submit your receipt to for reimbursement.

Do team managers need to provide a CRC?

Team managers do not need to provide a CRC.

How do I know if I have a valid CRC on file with TCYBA?

Our coach coordinator will let you know when your CRC is about to expire and will ask you to provide a new one to us.

When do I need to mail in my CRC?

We request that you mail your CRC to us as soon as you receive it back from the police detachment. We appreciate all coaches for making this a priority.

Local Community Police Detachments

  • Port Moody Police  - scroll to Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVS) online, select  'Volunteer in Port Moody'
  • Coquitlam RCMP  - attend the Coquitlam RCMP detachment and request a Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Port Coquitlam RCMP  - attend the Coquitlam RCMP detachment and request a Vulnerable Sector Check
  • New Westminster Police  - scroll to Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVS) online, select  'Volunteer'
  • Ridge Meadows RCMP -  attend the Ridge Meadows RCMP detachment and request a Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Burnaby RCMP  - attend the Burnaby RCMP detachment and request a Vulnerable Sector Check

For further information, please contact our coach coordinator at

Frequently Asked Questions for the eCRC Service Using the BC Services Card

The following FAQs have been compiled via the BC Government website as a convenience to our coaches. If you still have questions, please visit the BC Government website.

Please note, TCYBA cannot troubleshoot issues you may encounter using your BC Services Card to request your eCRC. If you need assistance, please visit the BC Government website where you will find further information.

What is the BC Services Card? 

The BC Services Card is a government issued identification assigned to BC residents providing access to government services.

How can I use my BC Services Card to apply for a criminal record check online? 

The Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) is now accepting the BC Services Card as Electronic Identity Verification (EIV). After you have entered the unique Access Code provided to you, you will have the option to “Login with a BC Services Card” to apply and consent to a criminal record check. Your BC Services Card must be activated first to use this online service.

How do I activate and set up my BC Services Card? 

To activate and use your BC Services Card, you must verify your identity. Available options include Verify Your Identity Through Video or Verify Your Identity in Person. For more information about setting up your BC Services Card see How to Set Up a Mobile Card.

I have a BC Services Card without photo; can I still apply for a criminal record check online? 

Yes, the BC Services Card without photo is now being accepted. When you use a non-photo BC Services Card, additional ID with a photo is needed.

If I am not able to apply for a criminal record check online with BC Services Card, am I able to still complete a criminal record check?

The CRRP recognizes that not everyone will have the ability to access and obtain a BC Services Card. If this applies to you, follow the instructions above to complete your CRC request at your Local Community Police Detachment.

What if I'm having trouble logging in to the online criminal record check application with my BC Services Card? 

For assistance with your BC Services Card, see Log in with a Card.

I have a BC Services Card; will I still need an access code to complete the online criminal record check? 

Yes. Prior to being able to request a criminal record check online, you must enter your organization specific access code, which will be provided to you once you confirm you will be coaching with TCYBA.

How do I know my privacy and security are being protected when using my BC Services Card? 

The BC Government takes people’s privacy and security seriously. The BC Services Card is one of the most trusted forms of identification in BC. For assistance with your BC Services Card, see Privacy and Security.
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