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tcyba rookie team information

The Jr NBA Rookie Division is an exciting program that has been part of Tri-City Youth Basketball Association programming since its inception. The program is for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Grade 3.


The Jr NBA Rookie Division program provides each player with a chance to take part in a physical literacy-based program that is different from the traditional basketball programs you generally experience.


Players are provided a basketball top with an NBA logo, lightweight Rookie Gear basketball and the use of lower basketball hoops that adjust to a height appropriate to the players' ages. 


The program offers the introduction of foundational athletic principles and basic basketball fundamentals in a fun filled format using a games approach to teaching. The per player cost for this program varies based on duration and enrollment is limited to 20 spots per team.








The Jr NBA Rookie Division curriculum meets the standards set by Canadian Sport For Life and was created through a collaboration between the NBA and Sport Canada. Its primary objectives are to teach basic movement skills and fundamental athletic abilities, which include:

  • Throwing (shooting, passing, releasing the ball)

  • Catching

  • Basic basketball skills

  • Basketball geography (understanding locations on the court and their significance)

Each practice session follows this structure:

  • Introduction and goal setting

  • Warm-up exercises

  • Basketball-focused activities

  • Cool down and conclusion


The program also focuses on maximizing basketball touches by having a ball for each participant to ensure every player gets a chance to handle the ball through the introduction of exciting game based drills providing players with the most enjoyable experience possible.


The Jr NBA Rookie division Grade 2/3 level also includes a 3 on 3 game component allowing players at a more advanced skill level to apply the skills they have acquired in an introductory competition setting.

If you have any questions please contact the TCYBA Registrar at

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