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Tri-City Basketball has received a great deal of feedback over the past few years regarding the challenges players in SD43 experience when transitioning from middle school to competitive grade 9 high school basketball. Because SD43 schools, which the majority of registered participants attend, implement and offer a participation / non-competitive model for five to six weeks each school year, students do not experience the same level of development that the majority of students from across the province enjoy when they attend grade 8 to 12 high schools in other school districts.

To address this shortfall, Tri-City Basketball will be launching a Grade 8 Competitive League program. 


  • Each team will have a weekly 1.5-hour team practice, focusing on tactics and strategies with their head coach. 

  • Each player will also have one 1.5-hour skill and development session per week with assigned coaches and their team coaches based on availability.

  • Games will be played on Friday evenings.



 - Two x 25-minute running time halves.

 - Tri-City Basketball’s fair play rules for substitutions will remain in place but coaches will be allowed to structure their lineups as they choose in the last 10 minutes of the second half. 

 - Scoring: Scores and fouls will be recorded during games.

 - Rules: High school rules will apply at the Grade 8 level.

 - Win/Loss Record: A record of wins and losses will be maintained throughout the season.

 - End-of-Season Tournament - All Grade 8 teams will participate. Seeding for this tournament will be based on the standings and results that occurred during the regular season.


  • To replicate, as closely as possible, a grade 8 high school experience that athletes in other school districts where high school begins at grade 8 participate in 

  • To enhance player development and preparation as they transition to competitive high school basketball. 

It should be noted TCYBA does realize there are participants from schools in some areas we serve who do participate in school-based grade 8 basketball programs. Those athletes are welcome to participate in both their school-based programming and TCYBA’s Grade 8 Competitive League.


Will the cost to participate in the Grade 8 Competitive League be higher than the current TCYBA grade 7/8 program?

Yes, since the amount of gym time will be greater and overall costs will be higher, the fees will be set at a slightly higher cost to cover those expenses. We are working on this now and will have more details soon.

If I only want to play grade 8 development basketball, is there still a place for me to play?

We will still have a Gr 7/8 division. Grade 8 participants who prefer not to play more competitively and take part in extra training can opt for a single one-hour practice and game per week in the Gr 7/8 division. Gr 7/8 teams will now participate in the Alicia Lahm Memorial Jamboree during the fall/winter season. Scorekeeping and seeding will no longer take place at games.

I’m in grade 7, can I play in the Grade 8 Competitive League?

The grade 8 program will be reserved for grade 8 athletes only.


I am a coach. How will I know whether to coach a Gr 7/8 team or a Gr 8 Competitive League team?

This is a personal decision you will need to make based on where your child and / or your team prefers to play.

Do coaches need to coach at both practices?

We prefer you would be at both practices as you will be learning skills and how to coach them yourself at the skill development sessions but you don’t have to. If you have an assistant coach, they are welcome to attend the second practice. 

Do coaches need to coach at both practices?

Head coaches and assistant coaches will be running team practices as usual. Professional coaches will run the skill development training sessions. We prefer team coaches be at the training sessions as well so you can reinforce the skills we teach in training sessions at your practices. Your attendance will help you improve your skills as a coach but if you can’t be there you don’t have to. 

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