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Jr. NBA - Follow these links to discover more about our partnership with the Jr. NBA

Press Release - Tri-City Youth Basketball Partnership with NBA Canada June 2019

Jr. NBA Program Specs - Objectives, Description and Benefits of the Jr.NBA program

The Jr. NBA and Canadian Sports for Life Principles - Learn about the Long-Term Athlete Development Model supported by the Jr. NBA


The Educated Sports Parent 

The Educated Sports Parent - The mission of the Educated Sports Parent is to provide parents, coaches and league administrators with information about youth sports so they can ensure that their programs are developmentally appropriate and truly serving the needs of the thousands of youth who participate in them.


Concussion Education

Concussion Awareness Training Tool website at to learn about and how to identify concussion symptoms in our young athletes. 


Parents Guide 

Parents Code of Conduct- A brief outline of TCYBA’s expectations for all parents

FAQ & Facts for Parents

TCYBA FAQ & Facts for Parents- Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Information for Parents 

Long-Term Athlete Development Info for Parents Doing what is best for your child is what Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is all about, and Canadian sport is working hard to develop LTAD plans for all sports.


How to Be a Positive Sports Parent 

Be a Positive Sports ParentPositive parenting in sports is a choice parents make that allows sports to be about kids and not about parents.

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