TCYBA Philosophy

TCYBA has been structured based upon the Sport for Life Long-term Development Model.

Due to specific situations throughout the league and some progressive game modification implementations designed to benefit payer's experience with TCYBA some variations have been made but for the most part TCYBA adheres to the following philosophy and principals.

The Tri-City Youth Basketball Philosophy

  • The program is administered by members of the local community and allows for consideration of specific community needs
  • The program is designed as a participant-centred, resource supported program administered for youth
  • The program’s foundation is the teaching of basketball fundamentals in a fun, positive environment
  • The program is designed for players from Kindergarten to Grade 8. (Older players can participate in enhanced programming)
  • All players receive equal playing and practice time (subject to attendance, discipline, etc.)
  • Weekly practice guidelines are no less than one practice for every game
  • Team parity is a goal for all leagues (local considerations may be a variable)
  • Scorekeeping and individual statistics are discouraged before the age of 10
  • Metro, elite, all-star teams are not sanctioned until at least the 12 year old level

Benefits of Tri-City Youth Basketball

  • Member of a philosophically sound, well researched program
  • TCYBA reversible jersey and shorts
  • Codes of conduct for all involved — “respecting the game”
  • Member of Basketball BC including supplementary insurance coverage
  • Basketball BC Logo
  • Canada Basketball
  • Jr. NBA Logo
  • KidSport Logo
About Us

The Tri-City Youth Basketball Association (TCYBA) was formed in 1999 and is a registered, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit that serves the youth of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody (Tri-Cities) and surrounding areas in British Columbia, Canada. Currently we have well over 2000 players, from Kindergarten to grade 12, playing in various divisions including both competetive and recreational play. Open to both boys and girls, the club operates out of school gyms across the Tri-City area and strives to ensure all youth that want to enjoy the sport have an opportunity to participate

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