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PHASE 1: MAY 29 to JUNE 4, 2023

Returning players who were part of a team during the Fall/Winter 2022-23 season can register to the same team for the upcoming season. However, players who want to switch teams, either because their previous team is not returning for the Fall/Winter season or because they were only registered for the Spring 2023 season, will need to register during Phase 2.

PHASE 2: JUNE 6 to JUNE 11, 2023

Returning Players from Fall / Winter 2022-23 and Spring 2023 may register to any team with available space.

If your child is new to TCYBA or did not register in the Fall / Winter 2022-23 or the Spring 2023 season, please do not register during this phase of registration. You can register beginning June 13.


Phase 3 is open for registration to both new players and returning players who did not register during Phase 1 or Phase 2.

For new players joining TCYBA, they must register in the division that corresponds to the grade they will be entering in September, with the higher grade listed in the team description. For instance, a new Grade 5 player should register at the Grade 4/5 level. If a Grade 4 player wants to register at the Grade 4/5 level, they must have already played at least one season in TCYBA and be physically prepared to play with others who are their age or older (The same eligibility process applies to all age groups).


For all phases of registration, your registration receipt, generated by our registration site Team Snap, is not a confirmation of placement on a team. It is strictly to let you know we have received your application detailing the team information you are requesting. No registration is complete until you receive a second registration confirmation email from Team Snap.

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