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In this league, our primary focus is to enhance players' skill levels while providing a fun and recreational environment. Each team participates in one weekly practice session, lasting one hour, and engages in one game per week, typically scheduled on Friday nights. When registering, players have the flexibility to choose their preferred team based on location, day, time, and coach, while adhering to the appropriate grade level guidelines established by TCYBA Registration policies. These policies prioritize returning players to ensure a smooth registration process.


There is no requirement to attend evaluation sessions. However, new players must play at their respective grade level and are not allowed to play at higher-grade levels. For instance, a new grade 4 player must participate in the 3/4 level and is not permitted to play in the 4/5 level. This policy ensures fair competition and aligns with the appropriate skill development for players within their grade level.


The TCYBA depends on parent volunteers to coach teams within the league. In the grade 5/6 division, each team will require a minimum of 2 parents who can contribute to the academy sessions initially and eventually take on the responsibilities of team coaching in the new year. If you are interested and available to volunteer in this role, please visit our coaching page. Your involvement as a parent coach is greatly appreciated and plays a vital role in the success of the league.


Experienced or not, if you bring enthusiasm, we'll provide the guidance and tools for your successful season. We understand coaching can be intimidating for newcomers, but TCYBA is dedicated to helping you succeed with your team. We offer weekly practice plans and a system for coach development to ensure balanced player development. Online resources are available to enhance coaching skills for both new and seasoned coaches. Together, we can make a positive impact on our players' growth.

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