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To provide players participating in the TCYBA with a comparable development opportunity to other athletes taking part in high school grade 8 programming across BC that isn’t currently provided by SD43 and thereby better preparing them for high school participation in their grade 9 year. 



While partnerships with the various senior secondary schools would be preferable and welcome, these institutions are resource challenged (coaches, gym access) and would struggle to provide the TCYBA with the consistent access to resources that would be required to establish and maintain this program.

The TCYBA welcomes the possibility of any resources that may be directed to them by individual schools or the School District in establishing and operating this undertaking.


  • The Grade 7/8 division is now a High School Prep Division.

  • The Grade 7/8 division has an adjusted structure that includes an additional 30 minutes of practice time, offering players at this level a 1.5 hour practice and a one hour game per week.

  • We will be providing a minimum of four Academy Sessions per season with a group of performance based coaches. Team coaches may and would be encouraged to participate but they would not be mandated to be there. Read more about our Prep Division Academy Sessions.

  • We are fully subscribing an offensive style of play for all teams.

  • Two officials and a scorer / timer will be assigned to each game.

  • We will be keeping score and standings and making the Prep division competitive in nature.

  • Additional training will occur weeknight evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays in the Tri-Cities in groups of 30 – 36.


  • This model would keep intact all the basic elements of our current league while enhancing several development and competitive components.



Registration to this division will not require adjustments to the standard registration process.



While the overall cost to participate in this program is slightly higher than in the past, this program still falls within the parameters of Tri-City Youth Basketball’s mandate to provide cost recovery based programming while providing additional development opportunities, competitive games with division standings and assigned officials and a scorer / timer.

* Please note participation in extra Academy Sessions, in addition to those provided as part of the 7/8 Prep Division, is possible at an additional cost.

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