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TCYBA welcomes boys and girls from Grades 3-8 of all skill levels to attend our Holiday Hoops camp each December.


These camps aim to enhance players' athleticism and basketball skills by focusing on the fundamental aspects of sports, such as Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed (ABC's).


The camp curriculum includes comprehensive skill development in areas such as :

  • Passing

  • Shooting

  • Ball Handling

  • Pivoting

  • Defense

  • Attack & Counter 

  • One on One Moves

  • Team Play

To ensure proper supervision and individual attention, additional assistant coaches may be present during the academy sessions, maintaining an appropriate coach-to-player ratio.

The key requirement for participation in the Holiday Hoops Camps is a genuine enthusiasm for involvement and a desire for improvement. Regardless of skill level, players are encouraged to join and take advantage of this opportunity to develop their basketball abilities in a supportive environment.

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