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Individual and Small-Group Training Sessions Available Now!

Updated: Jan 5

We're thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for individual and small-group basketball training sessions with Coach Zach Hamed, one of Tri-City Youth Basketball's most successful and popular coaches.


Our Mission

At TCYBA, the mission of our individual and small group sessions is to foster the development of game-specific skills for players of all ages and abilities, ensuring success on the court.


Competition/Games Preparation Model

Our sessions implement a "Competition Based Preparation Model" that focuses on preparing players for in-game situations, by developing and teaching athletes how to apply in-game practical skills.



  • 60-minutes in duration

  • Skill enhancement is tailored to individual needs

  • Flexible content focusing on key basketball skills


Areas of focus may include:


1. Shooting Fundamentals & Refinement

2. Dynamic Dribbling/Finishing

3. Finishing at the Rim

4. Understanding Spacing

5. Creating Space and Movement Without the Ball

6. Decision Making



Sessions are tailored to each player's needs with a focus on improving individual development areas and perfecting in-game skills.


"Development" and "Advanced" levels are available.


Single Player Training Sessions & Fees

  • Single Drop-In Session: $65

  • 4 Sessions: $250

  • 8 Sessions: $480



Focuses on fundamental skills development and offers competition against other players.

"Development" and "Advanced" levels are available.


We recommend all participants are of similar skill set and position (older players).


Small Group Training Sessions & Fees

  • Single Drop-In Session: $45/player

  • 4 Session Bundle: $175/player

  • 8 Session Bundle: $325/player



 Coach Zach brings years of playing experience with the Tri-City Youth Basketball Association, having been a part of the club for more than a decade. As a graduate of Heritage Woods Secondary School in 2019, Zach's efforts on the court earned him recognition as a 2019 AAAA Provincial Championship All-Star Selection.


After furthering his basketball journey at the University of Victoria, Coach Zach seamlessly transitioned into a coaching role within TCYBA. He has served as a head coach in our academy training sessions, skill enhancement program, TCYBA basketball camp programs and has also served as a head coach for multiple elite teams from the U12-U16 level. 


Zach has extensive experience in both team and individual training. He has worked with coaches and trainers at all levels of the game. He has had the opportunity to train under several mentor coaches including, legendary coaches, Alex Devlin, Chris Martin and Rich Goulet. Zach has also had the unique opportunity to gain coaching experience by taking part in an international player development camp in China and training all-star players from across Asia. This wide range of coaching experience provides him with an enhanced opportunity to pass along critical training and skill development techniques to the next generation of young players.



 For further registration information or to book your sessions now, please email Coach Zach directly at to check availability. Current sessions will be offered between 6:00 to 9:00 pm on Wednesdays. We recommend participants who wish to take part in small group sessions attempt to group yourselves with other players at the same position (older players) and at approximately the same skill level.


There will be no refund for withdrawals. If sessions are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances an additional session will be added if possible. If a replacement session cannot be added, a prorated refund will be issued.


Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills under Coach Zach's guidance. Email him now at to book your session!

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